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Carcols Fixer


Are you tired of your emergency vehicles having broken lighting?

Are you tired of your vehicles having no modifications or tuning?

What is this script?

This script makes your life easier by automatically checking all of your vehicles, and making sure there are no carcols ID overlaps. Once it has found all the duplicate IDs, it will automatically replace the old files with a new ID.

How does it work?

It is a script made with Node.js, it works as a normal FiveM resource. Once you start the resource in your FiveM server, it will begin scanning all of your resources and it finds your carcols.meta, and carvariations.meta files. Then it begins to scan the siren IDs, if it finds any duplicates, it automatically replaces the old file, with a new file with the ID replaced.

Only very basic development knowledge and configuration needed, everything is automatic!

how to fix broken lights fivem


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